Water is just that, water, right? Wrong. It is so much more than just a thirst quencher and something to wash yourself and other articles in. It is the elixir of life, or at least it can be when used right. Sunsudo is a renowned brand of alkaline water ionizer in India that offers you the benefits that were once available only to the elite, right at your doorstep. Easy to use, simple to install and virtually trouble-free, this is a great way to turn your life around with something as basic and regular as water. Only in this case, the water isn’t regular but can be modified to different pH levels. Ionized Water has many different uses according to its pH level. Read on to find out more –

2.5 pH, Strong Acidic – Water that is so acidic is also quite beneficial when used for the right purposes. It acts as a disinfectant. It is very effective in killing viruses and bacteria. Since ages, people have known the benefits of taking a bath in acidic water and it has been used medically to alleviate skin problems for decades. To cure skin ailments, the dual cure of drinking alkaline water and applying acidic water is quite effective.

6 pH, Beauty Water – Water that is low in pH is good for the skin. It is a natural toner and results in clear, radiant skin. Water ionizers from Sunsudo are excellent in producing this miracle water that could earlier only be found in famed streams and lakes.

7 pH, Clean Water –  When we take our medicines, it is best to take it with water with pH in the neutral zone so that it does not interfere with the efficacy of the medicine. It is for this purpose that water of 7 pH is best for consuming with medication.

9.5 pH, Drinking Water – Neutral pH is not the best for our body for drinking as our bodies are alkaline as well and slightly alkaline water agrees best with it. Water in this pH range is perfect for drinking and cooking purposes.

11.5, Highly Alkaline Water – We are all worried about the coatings on the fruits and vegetables that we consume. When you wash these with strongly alkaline water, even the densest oils get deconstructed with it. It is also very effective in removing various chemicals and other residues from agricultural produce.

With this wonderful way to create water to suit your purpose, illness and skin problems will stay at bay. Just remember what pH is most suitable for a particular purpose and you will get manna from heaven in your homes, bringing with it glowing skin, good health, and longevity.